Open-water swim starts Monday, May 28, 208. Remember, the first few weeks are hectic as we get everyone signed up — especially those people who need to join the triathlon club, too. PLEASE bring your forms all filled out (download them from the homepage) and show up as early as 5:40 to make it easier on us.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

When is it? 6 p.m. Mondays, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Where? At Dorchester Park, Whitney Point. We swim at the north end of the park, not at the beach.

How much is it? It costs $40 for the summer, check payable to Chenango Valley Swim Club. Yes, the price has gone up because the cost of the lifeguards has also gone up. Remember, it’s for the entire summer! Cash is accepted, bitcoin is not.

Do I have to be a BCTC member: Yes, or a member of the Chenango Valley Swim Club.

Are there lifeguards? Yes.

Where are the forms? You can download them on the left side of the BCTC homepage.

Will Diana yell at me if I don’t SIGN IN before swim and, most importantly, SIGN OUT when I get out of the water? You betcha!

Do I have to wear a wetsuit: No.

Do I have to wear a swim cap? Yes, please. It makes it easier for the lifeguard to see you.

How far do you swim? Three buoys are put out to form a triangle that is approximately 500 yards around. Each week we swim in the opposite direction around them. Swim as many laps as you want until 7:15 or 7:30, depending on sunset.

Alternative: You can also swim between the two buoys closest to shore if you’re not ready to go farther out into the lake.

Who takes care of the kayaks? You do! We store two BCTC kayaks at the park, and the same people usually bring them down to the water. But if you have a truck or SUV with room, please take your turn in helping return the kayaks to their storage space. Also pitch in and help move them down to the water and back up to the truck, along with the weighted buoys.

What if it storms? It’s not uncommon for there to be sunshine in Whitney Point and thunder and lightning in Binghamton, or vice versa. We watch the weather patterns and make every effort to swim. If we are forced to cancel, a notice will be posted on the Broome County Triathlon Club FB page as soon as possible. If a storm comes up while we’re in the water, lifeguards will alert you to exit the water ASAP.